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2019-2020 Mo‘O School Year: August 26, 2019-May 29, 2020


Our mo‘o ‘āina is within Mānoa Marketplace, Ahupuaʻa o Waikīkī, next to Island Manapua Factory

Contact Information:

2752 Woodlawn Drive, #5-114

Honolulu, HI 96822

phone: (808) 312-9605

email: info at mo-o.org

Hours of Operation:

Mo‘O School operates Monday through Friday from 8:30am-3:30pm.

Mo‘O School Programs:

The Primary Program (ages 2.5 to 6)

Children in the first plane can be characterized as concrete, sensory learners who indiscriminately absorb the world around them using their five senses. They look for activities that will help them “help themselves,” and their classroom is set up to foster that independence through individual lessons and practice with real-life objects. Every lesson is delivered with life skills in mind and is matched to a child’s interests and developmental readiness. The process of learning truly begins once the adult steps away, and the child is free to work with his lesson when he wants for as long as he’d like.

The Elementary Program (ages 6-12)

Children in the second plane develop \new powers of imagination and reason. As in the Primary, the child is free to work with her lessons for as long (and as far) as her interests extend, but she works collaboratively now, wanting to become a meaningful part of her community. Outfitted with mere keys to discovery, the classroom is purposely limited. This compels the child to seek outside resources while the adult supports the child’s safe passage into the broader community to continue her work. The elementary curriculum offers the disciplines of history, geography, biology, mathematics, geometry, language, music and art by means of storytelling, manipulatives, and ʻāina-based experiences. These are specially curated to prepare the children for their particular place and time, in our case Mānoa Valley, Hawaiʻi, as the piko (center) from which they may explore the entire universe.

2019-2020 Tuition: TBA

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