Teach & Reinforce Healthy Hygiene

  • In School

    • We will continue to teach and reinforce good hygiene practices including but not limited to hand washing, care of self, asking for consent, ways we can help and show kindness without making physical contact, proper mask donning and doffing. This is an exciting opportunity for us all to work together to create and practice new habits that maintain both personal and communal hygiene.


  • At Home

    • We ask that families continue to practice and reinforce healthy hygiene practices. Adults lead by example; your children will be leaders in this realm too!

  • Use of Hand Sanitizer

    • We will use hand sanitizer as a bridge to hand washing during our daily routine. When children arrive at school and come in from outside time during the school day, an adult will give them hand sanitizer. This will not replace hand washing. Rather, it will protect the school environment as the child proceeds to a hand washing station. Our primary means of hygiene will be the time-tested ritual of frequent and effective hand washing with soap and water.